Adding Texture and Distressing to a Digital Paper for PSP

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Adding Texture and Distressing to a Digital Paper for PSP

I have another tutorial on my blog for you Guy's and Gal's on adding texture and distressing to papers. Head over to my site and check it out. I also have the PDF If you want to follow it instead.

Thanks, Megan... I'm going to bookmark this for future reference. smiley I'm on a hiatus right now from learning anything new while I try to learn as much as I can about diabetes & attend p/t. Trying to prevent myself from becoming overwhelmed... smiley

Your welcome. My site is always there if you need it and I am trying to do a few of the tutorials I have seen over in the photoshop area also. So when ever you are back, please feel free to check out the site. I am having fun doing the tutorials. BIG stress relief from my day job

That's wonderful on both counts! smiley

Thanks for doing these tuts Megan! I don't have time or the patience to create them not to mention I am not great at it. There is always something new to learn. There are still a lot of things PSP can do, I just haven't got to them yet. One of these days I will have a list put together of things I still want to learn, maybe someone else will have the answer smiley

Thanks, Megan... I'm going to bookmark this for future reference.Can't wait to try this,on my way out know.

Thanks for sharing

Thanks Megan you have some great tuts to help with PSP

I was looking for this tutorial today and it just keeps saying the page was not found.

I too am finding these error pages... smiley

@Eve: It looks as though she's deleted those tutorials from her website but if you go to this page on her website at the very bottom she has a contact form and maybe you could email her and ask her where she moved her tutorials to. I'm a PS user so I'm of no help other than giving you this direction where it led me looking for her. smiley

Thank you Shawna! smiley

This is a good direction to go in!

Megan, the link sends to a page not found message

I appoligize, I am no longer running that site for now. I am now a PS user, but I will leave a link to my Youtube videos for you all