Are Grouped Layers a Problem in PSP?

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Are Grouped Layers a Problem in PSP?

I've been trying to fix templates that have grouped layers because I know they don't work in PSE, but I was wondering if you have trouble viewing them in PSP?

See the original thread here for more info.

When I open up a template I receive this error.

I don't know if that is related or not. But otherwise I have not seen the grouped layer being locked.

I get the same message as Megan but it still opens in layers. I haven't come across anything in a while that I couldn't open.

I guess I don't understand... (sorry - probably because I'm not as knowledgeable in PSP or digital scrapbooking - not sure which <blushing>)

@Tina: Are you saying there's nothing wrong for us PSP'ers that have downloaded the templates with grouped layers? IOW, we won't have any problems?

I'm just trying to figure out if I will need to download new copies of these files like all of the Photoshop users...

Lizanne, I'm not sure with the newer versions of PSP...I personally have not had a problem opening the grouped layers. I'm not sure if this is a setting in PSP that can be adjusted.

Ah, darn - was hoping you had the answer! Well, I guess one of these days I'll have to look up these files, open it in PSP X4 & see what happens... Right now I'm run down, so I'm just not up to it (got our taxes done, finally, at the very last moment).

If anyone comes across one of these templates that are grouped, I would like to download and test it just to see if what you are referring to is what I think it is smiley I would be able to give a better answer if I had something to physically look at.

I use PSP and EVERY psd file I open gives me that same error message. However when I open all the layers are there and nothing is missing.
I think it is the grouped layers that is not supported so PSP shows them as individual layers....hahaha