PSP: Making Glittery Papers

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PSP: Making Glittery Papers

Hey Guys and Gals. I'm back showing you how to make a fast and easy glitter paper. Head over to my site here, for the quick Tutorial.

I'm not sure how to post my youtube video here, so if someone could help me with that I wouldn't send everyone to my site. Thanks

HI THANK U. smiley

Excellent tutorial, Megan. Thanks for posting it. I'm also looking for a tutorial for making the 3-D looking glitter papers that people make using PS/PSE, only in PSP. Any suggestions?

I think that most glitter papers you see around are made using ArtRage, and not PS/PSE, although I might be wrong, that is what I was told.

Carole, some very talented person actually makes a script for glitter tiles for PSP, and I purchased it not long after I posted my reply in this thread. I've used it in several layouts already. Thanks for that! smiley

I use ArtRage to make mine but I also have a script that is easy to use in a pinch