Trimming Elements for PSP

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Trimming Elements for PSP

Hey Guys I have made another tutorial on Trimming Elements for PSP. The full tutorial is over at my site here.

I am trying to follow along with a few of the tutorials over under the photoshop threads, so let me know if there is anything you would like to see.

Hi Megan

I tried to visit your link but it gives me a 404 page error.

Is this tutorial posted elsewhere?

I'm very interested in this and also cleaning images after removing backgrounds.

Thanks much,

@Eve: It looks as though she's deleted those tutorials from her website but if you go to this page on her website at the very bottom she has a contact form and maybe you could email her and ask her where she moved her tutorials to. I'm a PS user so I'm of no help other than giving you this direction where it led me looking for her. smiley

Thanks Shawna! smiley