2 Different versions of Photoshop

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2 Different versions of Photoshop

Hi everyone:)

I have a question and hope someone here might be able to answer.

I have Photoshop CS4 installed on my laptop and I'm using it now, but for some reason the Bridge is not working and I have tried to reinstall it but the Bridge still is not working, but I guess that doesn't really matter to me. What I wanted to know is: is it possible to install lets say Photoshop CS6 without uninstalling CS4? Is it possible to have 2 Photoshops on 1 computer and be able to use them both?
Maybe it sounds a bit crazy but I would like to use CS6 (my friend has it and it looks better than CS4).

Actually, had found the info browsing the net and it appears that some people have several different versions of Photoshop on 1 computer installed and they don't interfere with one another...that's good to know!:))) Only you can't have them running all at once:)
Maybe this info will be helpful for somebody.:)

I have had a couple of versions installed on my laptop. It does take up more space. But the advantage is that if you know and understand a process in the earlier version. You may tend to use the earlier version while learning the newer one. Also when a new version comes out it is always nice to go back if you are having problems with the new install.

When installing a different version you will be prompted to either delete the older version or keep it.

Thank you for sharing