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I have PSE 11. Thank you for all the tutorial links. They will keep me busy for a while!

I use PSE11 and would be interested in more tutorials for it specifically. thanks!

Angela, Most tutorials that work with PSE 10 and other versions also will work with 11. It has some new things you can do and I will see if I can find any of the newer things. Did you have another version of Elements or is this your 1st one? In the mean time go ahead and try some other tutorials that I have links for. They will at least help you learn your way around if you're not familiar at all. Are there any particular things you would like to learn how to do?

Thanks for checking in everyone else and again those that have 11 glad you are checking out the links. I hope they work for you and you enjoy. If not please let me know. If I had not just purchased 10 before 11 came out I would have purchased 11. They say that it's best to wait a few years between because there's not that much difference to purchase every year.

Angela, And All others with PSE 11, I'm not really sure what I am looking for since I don't have PSE 11 but I did finally find one tutorial that interested me and it is an improvement of the Smart Brush which is in my version but after having this software for several months I have not even tried it in my version 10 so maybe it will interest some of you and on the site if you have not discovered this site yet it does have other tutorials on PSE 11 that may help you or interest you. So here's the link.

Again Angela, And All others with PSE 11. Here are some more tutorials for 11. Also any others with different versions it's worth checking out because if it is something you want to learn to do it is worth looking at it may work in your version and even if it doesn't you may learn a little something in the process.

Photoshop Elements 11 Tutorials

Using Magnetic Lasso Tool

Using Blending Modes

Create Your Own Papers
She has about 30 more Tutorials that may be of help to you.

Just Have Fun!!!

Clipping masks

I watched a tutorial on Clipping Masks for PSE 11 but it was very hard to understand what she was saying and she said um after every couple of words which made it difficult to follow also. This photo shows where I'm doing it in PSE 10 but I believe you should be able to find the File and Shape and Layers in PSE 11.

It’s really pretty simple and there are a couple of ways to do it but I will explain the way it will work in PSE 11 and all other versions I believe.

1. Go to File, New, Blank and then from the Preset arrow drop down choose Scrapbooking. It should have 12 X 12 inches and make sure it is Resolution 300 dpi and color is white.

2. Now just Go to Shape tool on the tool bar and choose a Shape you would like. Click on the shape and hold the Shift key down on your keyboard then drag out on your Scrapbook page and Draw the Shape the Size you want it to be.

3. When you Draw the Shape it should add a New Layer, Then you need to Open a photo from your Computer that you want to use inside the Shape. Open it and it should appear over your page.

4. Go to the Project Bin and Drag Your Scrapbook Page with your Shape back up and then Drag your Photo on top of the Page and kind of size it the way you want. It has to be larger than your Shape.

5. Hold down Shift key on keyboard and click on the Photo Layer and Shape Layer so they should be black and then go to Alt Key and hold your curser arrow over the line between the two till it changes to a Clip and then click on it. That creates your Clipping Mask.

6. Now Look at your Photo and Shape on your Page and the photo is inside the Shape. If you need to adjust the photo in any way Click on the Photo Layer and Adjust by making smaller or whatever to center subject in the Photo the way you want.

7. If you are done adjusting Click on Both Layers again and right click and Click Merge to merge them together. Then you can move them around on the page without messing them up.

Easy Peasy…

If you have any problem just contact me and I will help.

Here's a Link on here Pixel Scrapper where Judy Salerno found some tutorials on PSE 11

Go back and check those out if you haven't already seen them.

Thanks Judy

I have PSE11

Just started using PSE11! Thanks for all the tutorial links and your great tutorial on creating edges!

Still running around in PSE9 hoping for the day when I can afford an upgrade...

I have PSE9. Been using it it for about a year (? maybe a little longer). I would like to know how to use all of the style and brush files that I have.

I have PSE 15...

I have PSE 2018.