Creating Doodled Circles Tutorial

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Creating Doodled Circles Tutorial

I found this awesome tutorial by Megan Turnidge here for creating funky doodled looking circles on your pages. She even includes a free sample gift with the tutorial. smiley

Cool! I've also used the wave filter to make things look doodled, but this way seems easier and has more control. Thanks for sharing!

Thaaat is a really smart way of doing it! For some reason, I've really only used the Warp tool for straightening out corners-that-aren't-quite-square in my photos so far - given how popular the "hand-drawn" style is, I can definitely see this technique coming in handy! I'm already thinking it would have been a much better technique than trying to wrangle the Warped Text tool into doing the angles what I want it to..

Thanks Shawna, I am going to have to try this.

Thanks for sharing. I must try!

thanks for sharing, i love doodles

Love it smiley

Great tut, thanks for sharing.

thanks Shawna! I just pinned it because I know will be useful someday.

Ooh, I have actually read this tutorial before but forgot all about it! Thanks for sharing! I will have to take another look. =D

Wow! Just stumbled upon this tutorial and loved it! Thanks for sharing!
I know what I will be doing next smiley

Thanks this looks like fun, I am going to try it.

Thanks for sharing!!! God bless Megan for posting a freebie. I understood it all but I'd rather just take her template and keep on scrapping!!! smiley

Great share! Thank you!

This was very helpful. I had a page I was creating tonight and the elements were slightly lacking. I made several of these doodles and with brads from another kit was able to add some additional dimensions to the page. Thank you for sharing!

That was a cool tutorial. I always wondered how people created the cute doodle frames and circles!

Ooooo...cute. Love the freebie. Thank you.

Great tutorial- thanks for sharing!

Wow! Amazing tutorial! Thanks for sharing! smiley

I'm having a difficult time following this tutorial, I'm using PSCS6 and I think I'm missing some steps some where, even though I am following her tutorial to the letter. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but when I create the work path, I can't click on the icon for the stroke in the paths palette. So I'm sure I missed something along the way. Can any one help??

Thanks in advance.

I'm not finding it easy either. Followed it for awhile and then decided to go back to my old way. Do the doodles on paper, color with pencils or watercolor, then scan and use the page as background; or print out a tag, etc and doodle around it, scan and cut it out with PS. Works better for my foggy brain.

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Great tutorial find - thanks!