Customizing Your Work area Libraries with the Preset Manager

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Customizing Your Work area Libraries with the Preset Manager

Libraries with the Preset Manager:

The Preset Manager offers you the option to manage brushes,m swatches, gradients, stles, patterns, contours, custom shapes, and preset tools. This can be used to change the current of preset items. You can create new libraries of customized sets. After a library is loaded in the Preset Manager you can access library items in the different locations where the preset is available. The changes in the Preset Manager are global and applied every time you open Photoshop. Saving a new preset will display the name in the dialog box for the specific option you selected. You can migrate presets from earlier versions of Photoshop. (New to Photoshop CS6). You can also inport/presets. (New to CS6).

To Create a New Preset:
Go to Edit on the menu - go to Presets - select Preset Manager.

To migrate presets from an earlier Photoshop CS version:
Go to Edit on the menu - go to Presets - select Migrate Presets (This option is new to CS6)

Select the Preset Type to bring down the option menu - select your option:
• Select Options list arrow, and then select from the available presets to add them to the current item list.
• To remove any items in a new preset, click a thumbnail, and then click Delete.
• To reorganize their order, click and drag the thumbnails to new positions within the view window.
• To change a preset name, click a thumbnail, click Rename, change the name, and then click OK.
• Click one or more thumbnails (Ctrl+click (in Win) or +click (in Mac), and then click Save Set.
• Enter a new set name, and then select a location to store the set.
The set is saved with the ABR extension.
• Click Save - click Done.

To migrate presets from previous versions of Photoshop or to import/export for backups or for sharing. (new to CS6). Starting Photoshop for the first time you will be asked if you want to migrate presets. If you say no you will still be able to migrate presets later by selecting Edit on the meny - Presets - select Migrate Presets. (New to CS6). Import or export presets go to Edit on the menu - Import/Export Presets - select the type of presets you want to work with. (new to CS6). To export presets - select on the left column and move the selected presets to export on the right column - click Export Presets - select the location to save presets to - click open. To import - select Import Folder - click open - select the source presets - move the presets to import to the right column - click Import Presets.

Thank you, I have been following these great tutorials and they have help a lot.