Customizing Your Work area - Plug-Ins

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Customizing Your Work area - Plug-Ins

Plug-Ins Preferences:
The Plug-ins preferences offers you the oportunity to organize plug-ins by saving them to more than one folder. You can use the added folder to store all of those download plug-ins. The plug-ins contained in the folder can be found within Photoshop through the filter menu. Keeping things organized will help to keep the clutter down. New to CS6 you can show all Filter Gallery groups and names on the filter menu.

Plug-Ins Options:
For Windows - Edit > Preferences > Plug-Ins
For Mac - Photoshop > Preferences > Plug-Ins

• Start by selecting the Additional Plug-Ins Folder check box if you have additional plug-ins stored outside the default Photoshop plug-ins folder.

The first time you select this option, Photoshop asks you where the plug-ins are stored.
• If you change the location of your additional plug-ins folder, you can always click Choose and navigate to it.
• Select the Show all Filter Gallery groups and names check box to display all Filter Gallery groups and names on the Filter menu (New!).
• Choose options for Extension Panels.
Check Allow Extensions to Connect to the Internet and/or Load Extension Panels if you want to use new features such as Kuler.
• Click OK to set your preferences.

Thankyou for these tutorials, they are a great help.

What are plugins and what can you do with them?

A Photoshop plugin is an add-on program that can provide additional effects that can be applied to an image. They can also perform tasks that are hard or impossible to do by just using Adobe Photoshop alone. Plugins can be opend within Photoshop and can act like a mini-editor to modify an image.

There are tons of plugins out there. Many free. Check out the "List of Quality Photoshop Freebies"

Thank you