Customizing Your Work area Type Preferences

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Customizing Your Work area Type Preferences

Photoshop's type menu lets you see fonts exactly as you would print or display the fonts. The font menu will save you time. You can use the Type preferences to help you select the type and font options you want to use on your projects.

The Type Options:
For Windows - Edit > Preferences > Performance
For Mac - Photoshop > Preferences > Performance
• Type options you want to use:
○ Use Smart Quotes. Select to use left and right quotation marks.
○ Enable Missing Glyph Protection. Select to automatically select incorrect, unreadable characters between roman and non-roman (Japanese or Cyrillic) fonts.
○ Show Font Names In English. Select to display non-roman fonts using their roman names.
○ Choose Text Engine Options. Select to display East Asian or Middle Eastern (New!).

• Click OK to set your preferences.

Thanks again Judy!

This is great, you got me into areas that I really have not looked at. Thanks.