PHOTOSHOP: Filters you like for editing your photos?

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PHOTOSHOP: Filters you like for editing your photos?

I tried looking back and couldn't find this, but it may have been in an older post. If there is a search feature for the forum, I can't find it either.

I was wondering what some of your favorite (not too expensive, or maybe free) filters are for improving or making your photos interesting for the scrapbook page. Links would be helpful, but I could do a search if you don't have the link.

I have a couple of more expensive filter sets, like ON One and Topaz, but can't find anything that does a Kalidiscope of a photo. Any suggestions on this? Any easy filters to give an oil painterly look? With the look of three dimensional brushstrokes?

P.S. Is there a search feature I'm missing for the forum?

Forum search is high on our list of priorities:

I don't use many filters, but I do like to use actions on my photos. The CoffeeShop Blog is a great free resource:

This isn't a filter, but if you just wanted to take your pictures and turn them into a Kaleidoscope there is a great program called Kaleidoscope Kreator that is about $35 -$40. The main program comes with a number of different shapes for the pie slice, and you can also purchase other packs with more templates. I have had this software for years, although I don't use it often, it is a lot of fun to play with.

Photoshop does have a number of preloaded filters. I like the noise filter to clean up old pictures of dust and scratches. The higher the amount or number you apply you will see the image start to blur. I always use3 to clean up skin and this does not distort.

There are many filters old and new out there for free or for a fee.