Getting Rid of Shine

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Getting Rid of Shine

Ever have a great picture of someone - except! - they have a shiny spot on their forehead or nose? This happened to some senior pics I took yesterday and this tutorial from MCP Actions helped me fix it. It's short and easy to follow (except one time she says Fill when she means Flow and another time she says Brush when she means Eyedropper - but you'll figure it out!)

I used a natural bristle brush instead of the standard round and got excellent results. Here's the link: MCP Actions: Shine Fixer

Any other tips for fixing shine, blown out highlights, hot spots?

That's a great (and simple) way to handle shine! I'll sometimes use the burn tool (select highlights, and a veeeery low opacity) over the area, sometimes "paint" over the area (like the tutorial) using the pattern tool to replicate skin tone/variation from a nearby area.

But I hadn't even thought to use the Info box to check and see where a photo's reallytruly blown out like that! It's not always easy to tell when you're working on a glowy monitor screen, so that's a great tip in itself - there have definitely been times in the past where I didn't realize it was even an issue until I printed the image.