PHOTOSHOP: How do I add Tags or Keywords

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PHOTOSHOP: How do I add Tags or Keywords

I have been having a lot of fun playing with Photoshop since I found this site and all the great tutorials. I would like to add tags or keywords to some of my papers, such as the colors I used, or the texture or brush, instead of trying create a name that includes those things. So that when I want to find a paper that uses certain colors, I can do a search for those colors to see what I have already created, or if I need to create something else for my purposes. I know I can add keywords in Bridge, but I can't figure out how to add them while I'm in PS before I save the file. Is this possible?? Thanks for any help.

To the best of my knowledge, I don't think you can add tags or keywords in Photoshop. I think you have to use a more traditional photo editing program, like Lightroom or Picasa or the Bridge as you've already discovered.

Thanks Marisa, that is what I was afraid of, but thought I would as, in case I was missing something.

I never bothered with this, so I looked it up and below are some links addressing the fact that it is possible, but it appears to be using Bridge a part of Photoshop. It also appears that Photoshop Elements does keyword taging. As well as Lightroom as Marisa has stated.

Per-layer metadata comes to Photoshop

Keyword tagging from Adobe's website non Photoshop Elements.

Thank you Judy, I will look into those links. I decided if I'm going to start making my own digital papers, I would like to start out keeping track of things, and use keywords for the overlays or templates that I use, and also the colors (I made a swatch group of the current StampinUP colors). That way if I'm looking for a specific template that I used in a paper, or a specific color, I can just search on those terms, and find anything I have made, instead of having to scroll through thumbnails. I may not have a lot of papers yet, but figure if I start out being organized, I won't have to go back and add the information later.

Smart idea, it is more time consuming later and harderr to reemember.