Making .ABR Files for CS2

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Making .ABR Files for CS2

One of our users if having problems loading brushes in CS2. Does anyone know what the problem might be and how to fix it?

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Is there anything that I can do when saving in CS6 to make it compatible with CS2?

Brushes are not backward compatible from all that I have read. If the brushes were created in a later version they may not work with CS2. One of the problems with older versions.

You can however try:
abrMate Tutorial: Convert a Newer Adobe Photoshop CS Brush to PS7 Format for Use in Any Photoshop Version

This should convert a new brush to CS2. I have not tried it. So if you do, please let us know.

The brush shape can be up to 2500 pixels by 2500 pixels in size. For CS6 I have not found the limit as of yet. Some earlier versions the brush shape is 1000px and they do not have a ability of high resolution. It also varies with versions of the program. Standard, extended. The various versions have different capabilities. The size may be even small for very early versions.

Thanks Judy!

Judy (or anyone else) do you know if the same applies for styles and actions? Are they also not backward compatible that you know of?

Styles and actions are dictated by what you have available within a program. If created in CS6 with what is new in CS6, they will not work in earlier versions. The resources are not there to handle the new options. You may even find that one created in an earlier version may not run as it was created to run.

There are a lot of styles and actions out there for earlier versions of Photoshop. And many for free. Unfortunatly it is trial and error when it comes to anything that someone else created. All are dependant upon what resources are available or not available for use.

Thanks Judy, guess I will just have to find some guinea pigs than... smiley

I downloaded the abrMate and it's fantastic! Thanks for the tip! Now if I can find a program that will convert patterns and styles I'll be cookin' with gas! smiley