option other than clipping mask???

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option other than clipping mask???

I have this digital background with tiny butterflies and I want to create numbers and letters with the same image on the letters. I tried making a clipping mask but when I clip the butterfly background onto the letters the butterflies are too big. Is there a way I can have the butterfly background covering my letters and have it look the same with the small butterflies.. am I making sense?? I have attached some pictures so show what I mean.

Thanks in advance for your help smiley

After clipping, click control+T (edit - Free transform) on the butterfly pattern, so you reduce the scale.

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Thanks smiley

Also would you happen to know if there is a thread or tutorial on here about making your own pattern from a background like the one I posted?

hum... Not sure about it, because when I need something like this I go to Corel Draw... have you seen this one? Anyway, soon more experienced users will see your message and give better replies...

Hello Danielle,
Here are two links in reference to creating patterns.



You can also change the size of the image before bringing the pattern to the letters and numbers, if the other does not work for you.

Are you planning on placing a border around the letters and numbers to give them defination or depth. To make them stand out more. With the white background the shape will be there but will blend into what ever they will be used with.

Marisa also has this tutorial to add a paper background to an Alpha


Thanks.. yes the letters will be blended and will be placed on a color background.