PSE/Canon printing problems

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PSE/Canon printing problems

I just switched from PSE6 (which I loved) to PSE11, thinking there must have been some improvements in all those years.And there were. I love this version also except for one major problem. When printing I have it set for PSE to control the color management, not the printer (Canon mx860). Settings are best paper, best quality print, and under color management - none. matter what changes I make, the first print is horrible, washed out, too red. BUT all the rest of the prints after that are perfect, with no changes to the settings. After exiting PSE11, the next print job goes through the same routine. Anyone else have this problem? Anyone have a solution? Is my printer too old to mesh with PSE11? I'm installing the latest driver and hoping for the best.

Hi Harriett-I also have PSE11 and a Canon printer. I have not had this problem but might suggest you go under maintenance of your printer and do printer head nozzle cleaning. On my computer, that is under control panel, devices and printers, and then a tab for printer maintenance. My Canon printer program has several options for cleaning and deep cleaning the printer heads nozzles.
Sorry, that's all I can think of.

I agree with Donna, try to do a little maintenance on your printer and it should typically work. And installing the most recent drivers for your printer wouldn't hurt as well. If either/both these options don't work then I'm not quite sure what it would be.

You both are correct, that is the first thing I would do also. If that does not help try the following?

Have you set your paper type. Selections are plain paper, card stock, photo paper. The wrong setting here will also cause you the problem you are having.

It seems we all have a Canon printer. It prints great. Give great color photo prints. Love the 5 color print.

Thank you all for your suggestions. Unfortunately, I've tried all of them to no avail. I've had the printer for a long time (in computer terms) so perhaps it's just not compatible any more. I haven't given up yet though.

The Canon printer ink does not have an ink head. It is inserted into the ink head. If the printer is not used too often it can either get dried on either side or take in a bit of air. This will cause poor printing until it corrects the problem. If you are still getting quality print after the first print, you may want to do a draft print first, so as not to ruin the photo paper.

You can get a refubished printer very reasonable. I did purchase my last one and it runs great.

Thanks, Judy. I do usually print every day so I don't think that's the problem, but if it is there's no way I can think of to fix it. The latest driver is installed. I have just about decided either to sacrifice the first print, like you suggest, or never turn off PSE since it's only the first print that is bad.

Unfortunatly sometimes there is no solution. This may be the one. But if you do find one, please share with us.