Saving PNG in Photoshop

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Saving PNG in Photoshop

Since I switched to CS6 I've noticed that sometimes when I save a .PNG it does it fine and sometimes it makes an enormous file (we're talking a difference of say 500kb to 50MB). I don't do my saving any differently, it just seems to happen randomly. When I use the save for web option, it saves fine.

So that's one question, I was also just wondering if people use the save for web option, if it makes a difference for file size, particularly with PNG.

that's absolutely crazy... Have you found a solution or info at the adobe website of why it might be doing that? I just upgraded to CS5 about 2 months back so I have no idea about CS6 yet. smiley I'll be watching to see if a solution comes up. That almost seems like a glitch with something, doesn't it? Things that make you go -- uhmmmm...

When I save .png a window pops open with a slider and asks me how big of a file size I want. Other than that, I never check the size and so I guess it hasn't been a problem. Or maybe it is and I'm just oblivious.... EDITED: Actually it's now how big of a file I want but how do I want my compression - slow/fast. I read up on this once because I was curious, but now I don't fully remember - but! - I think if you choose slow then as a file loads on the screen, it sort of rolls down like a window shade. One or the other may make the file bigger.

And as far as saving for web, I notice that it makes the file sizes a bit smaller because I am going from 300 dpi to 72. But I think mainly it does something to keep it looking smooshed / stretched, a little like a fun house mirror.

I run into this with PSE 9 sometimes also. What I've found is certain colors will cause it to be enormous, and that trimming your files can really make a big difference also.

When I save in png in PSE it struggles, sometimes it freezes for a short while and I get the message PSE has stopped working, but then it saves the file and everything is Okay. Never understood why this happens.

@Angela: If PSE is freezing during the saving process you might not have enough RAM on your computer to do what you're trying to do. When I started digi scrapping I had a very small computer and it used to take 5 minutes to save a .PNG and sometimes it would freeze.

Sorry to boost an old thread, but ugh! This was my question/problem too. smiley I just finished making some glittery papers and the file size is huge in .PNG to the point that I'm ready to toss them or reduce dpi below my standards. I was hoping there was a fix or setting I was missing.

You can try the saving for web option (under File). Sometimes this helps me get the file size under control. I usually then resave it because it will change the resolution to 72 dpi, so I change it back to 300 dpi...sometimes this helps.

Thanks! I saw that it went to 72 dpi, but never thought to resave 300 again. I ended up going with .jpeg this time.

I was having a similar problem earlier today when saving a png file. I made something with a transparent background, but for whatever reason it always had a white background after I had saved it. I have never had this issue before. I tried saving for web and just save as, but neither kept the background transparent. If anyone knows of a solution then I'd love to know!

Nothing comes to my mind except to be sure you turned the background layer off. If you leave it on, then it will save as white. Anyone have any other ideas?

Are you viewing in Photoshop or with another program.
In other programs you do see white even if it is transparent.
In Photoshop see if the bottom layer is effecting the white. Hide all of the layers except the transparent layer to see if there is a difference.

As to the size of the file. PNG are usually smaller files unless you save them at a higher resolution or you have a lot of hidden files or layers. Delete all layers that are not needed. You can also merge common layers. Delete all hidden layers. To do this:

Click on the drop down layer at the top right of the layers panel. This will bring up a menu. Select Delete Hidden Layers. Save your document and see if the file size is smaller.

Hope I'm in the right place, this is my first post so I'm a newbie. It's about saving PNG files but a slightly different issue. When I'm saving png files the resolution always drops to 299.99. This only happens with pngs. Even if I resave at 300 when I recall it's back to 299.99. I'm new to scrapbooking and PS and PSE-I'm wondering if anyone has encountered this problem?

Thanks for any ideas.

@Kate for elements/png 299.99 is an acceptable resolution. For papers they must be 300 dpi. Both of these are quality control standards.

Thank you @Janet, glad to know it's okay for the elements. I always save papers as jpgs so those are good.

i save my papers after they are made in jpeg. my prievew pages jpeg. my elements --png. i never had a crazy big file though. the only time i save for web is when i am doing something that requires a animation. maybe try saving with all the layers together ( merge visible) ??

Sara do you save the PSD of the file so that you can go back and edit or use parts to create something else?

i never usually save in PSD unless i need to go back to the project or graphic i am working on and finish it. Which is like never, once i start something i sit there till i finish it. I have all my graphics that need transparent background as png. i have only made a few digital scrapbooking papers for myself, i have saved those as jpeg. I downloaded one once and it was a jpeg file so i figured saving mins as that was fine also.

but about going back and creating extra parts to something, only just recently did i figure out how to duplicate a layer in the scrap ribbon bows i been making from a action ( i have that action posted in a thread somewhere in the forums) so that i can change the color incase i change my mind on what i had picked when the action was running.

Since save for web reduces the dpi, if I open the file back up and change the dpi back to 300, will this affect the quality of the image at all? I know that png is suppose to preserve an image well, but I am used to working with jpeg and any little change and re-save will degrade the image, and I am new to this whole dpi concept... so I am paranoid.

Any clarification would be appreciated!

Usually when you increase the size it does not, but you do have to make sure you that all 3 boxes are checked off (scale styles, constrain proportions, and resample image). This will ensure the image is enlarged with all the same constraints.

Remember that when ever you increase the size of something you do run the risk of it ending up fuzzy, or pixelated.

If I'm not mistaken, save for web also gets rid of gamut problems.....then you just push the quality slider up all the way, or resave at 300dpi. Shouldn't be a noticeable change or quality of the design, am I right?

Hey, I know this thread is old, but I came across this page while searching about the Save for Web option reducing the dpi. The answers on the page indicate that the reason why Save As for a png results in a larger file than Save for Web is because Save As keeps the metadata while Save for Web does NOT. And all that extra metadata contributes to a bigger file size.

As for my loss in dpi issue, apparently DPI is something that the computer "invents" and as long as you have the right number of pixels (1200x1200, 3600x3600, etc) for the "dpi" that you want, then it's not a problem. The computer actually doesn't save ANY DPI data when you use the Save for Web option, so when you open the image again, it's just making a wild guess and saying "72 dpi". This page is where I found the info. Very interesting stuff.
The comments on the page DO recommend resaving and changing the DPI data saved with the image IF you are distributing the image to someone who might check the DPI data and get confused or flip out because it does not say 300. FYI/ smiley