Shortcut Keys

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Shortcut Keys

Shortcut Keys
Photoshop can save you time by using keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard Shortcuts, allow you to perform tasks in a shorter period of time. Using shortcut keys reduces the use of the mouse and speeds up operations. Photoshop has the possibility of hundreds of possible shortcut keys, and allows you to define your own shortcuts.
To Create a Keyboard Shortcut:
• Go to Edit on the menu, and then select Keyboard Shortcuts.
• Expand the menu that contains the command for which you want to create a shortcut.
• Select an item from the Commands list.
• Use the keyboard to create the new shortcut. For example, press Ctrl+N (Win) or +N (Mac).
• Click Accept.
• Click OK.

You can save time using shortcut keys. orking with Shortcuts
In addition to adding shortcuts, you can delete any of them you don’t want and even print out a summary of shortcuts defined in Photoshop. Shortcuts can be used for the Application and Panel menus, as well as for your tools in the toolbox. Click the Edit menu, click Keyboard Shortcuts, and then select - Add Shortcut, Delete Shortcut, or Summarize, to complete the tasks you want.

This looks like it would save a lot of time from going from mouse to keyboard.

That is the purpose of using short cut keys.