Should I upgrade to CS6?

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Should I upgrade to CS6?

I was going to join the creative cloud, which would upgrade me from CS5 to CS6, but after reading some of the issues that some of you are having, I was wondering what your opinions are?

Upgrading is really a personal Preference. Things to consider is do you use all of the tools? Does CS5 do all that you need it to? Do you really need the cloud? What about the cost does upgrading justify the cost?

There are discussion about what is new to CS6. Do you think you will be using the new items or upgraded items?

All that being said I do have CS6 and I am enjoying it. I have not had any problems with it. I have the Disk and not the Creative Cloud. it is also the Extended edition which costs a bit more and has more features. Worth the expense. I do believe the Creative Cloud is the Extended edition.

If you are a student or you have a child that is in upper grades or college you can also look at the Student version, it is the full version that is marked as education version. A big savings. The only thing if you plan on making money from the use of Photoshop you cannot use the student version.

Who else is using CS6? How is it working for you now that it has been out for a while and you have worked with it for a while?

I've been using CS6 and it's worked well for me.

Upgrading is always a difficult question. The differences between versions aren't huge, but sometimes they are nice. If that makes sense. CS6 does have a couple of small changes that have made all the difference to me such as (I think these are new to CS6, but I may be wrong)

  • applying blending changes to more than one layer at the same time
  • ability to flatten layer style with just a right click
  • umm, I thought there was more but I can't think of it

So they are small changes, but I really do appreciate them. If that's worth it to you, then it's worth it...

I have been thing about CS6 too...I use a lot of fonts...I think joining the creative cloud will bee too expensive for me in the long run...that is the new way of having monthly subscription to the cloud. CS6 is the last of the disks if I understand it rightly.

I am not sure what you meaan by the last of the disks. I do not see Adobe doing away with individual software as the cloud is not always the best way to go for some. I do not see them eliminating part of the market.

From what I read (here) they seem to be doing away with the "creative" packaged software. But I also just read that they may be rethinking it. My problem is that I am not a professional but I thought I might like some of what they offer. I had already gotten PS CS6 and I broke down and bought both Lightroom and Illustrator, just in case when I start using it I will fine benefit in it. When I bought Illustrator online Amazon had very few copies supposedly left to purchase. And they have a $30 monthly subscription (one year only which will then become $50 a month) From this article the following was addressed: "So overall I’m very happy I went with the Creative Cloud subscription. At $30 per month it’s definitely worth it to have all the latest and fastest versions of the gold standard design software out there (Photoshop, Illustrator, & Lightroom 4.1 mostly)." So from my understanding these three specific softwares will only be published via a costly subscription for the non-professional and professional alike. I am not a professional and $50 a month is way too expensive when in about a year I could pay for the software at the monthly price. For this reason, I bought the additional softwares that I didn't have. Latest and greatest might be great for pros but for a retired dabbling person in the graphic arena I don't think updates are that important.

Just my personal thoughts.

I hope they do think more about how they sell their product...I like owning my CS5 outright...I have a couple Elements and LR3....I install and uninstall at my pleasure. Maybe they can work something out with outright purchase of a bundle of tools...similar to Topaz.

Janet I took a look at the cloud offer, of which I have seen before. What they are offering is an option to make use of a wide range of their software other than just one bundle. This offers for one low price each month a lot more than one could buy for each individual program. It is a great deal.

As to the other link you need a sub. to it so I was not able to read it.

How do I get the latest, it is supplied by the organization I work for. This is where I do not see Adobe doing away with the purchase of a suite. Large organizations pay a license fee to install on a certain number of computers for use. To purchase the cloud for these computers it would be very difficult to control the use and very expensive. So Adobe must be trying the same as Microsoft, who does offer special purchases to organizations and does supply the disk(s).

As to myself I have tried the cloud. If you do not have an internet connection the program will not work, because you have to log in each time you want to use any of the programs. This would not work for me. I do not always connect to the internet. And sometimes when traveling there is no connection in the area.

I've been keeping up with this conversion from Adobe. I work in the Marketing Office for an Air Base abroad & we have the creative suite. There have been budget cuts everywhere & we're wondering what's going to happen with our Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver & Illustrator. I personally own Elements & have been waiting to upgrade. I can't afford the $50/month when I'm not making any money from using the program. Thank you to all of you for insight.

I think it is all very confusing. In one thing I read it said that Adobe was rethinking the cloud only option for their software. I am not sure that anyone has the straight answers on this except Adobe and I am not sure they are really ready to define what they are talking about.

@Judy I hadn't even thought about the predicament of not having internet connections when you want to use CS and don't have the software loaded! That certainly would be a problem! Oh and I was with the government when they offered to gov employees the chance to download Microsoft Office and we got the disk for a VERY reasonable cost. But alas, I retired and am so glad I purchased the disk!

Either way, I am happy I bought the software for what I would use! I guess with time it will be published so that everyone understands. And if people are not happy the software would probably be available even though they wanted to go to cloud only. Will be interesting!

Well, I'm still on CS3, if that says anything! smiley If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Besides, almost all of my actions are CS3 or CS4 compatible.

However, everything I had read also said that a lot of pros didn't agree with Adobe's cloud terms and that Adobe might be rethinking it.