Straightening a Crooked Image

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Straightening a Crooked Image

Have you scanned or taken a picture that just did not look right, because the image was crooked.

Here is a video tutorial on how to straighten a crooked image.

I have CS6 and did not know you could do that! Cool Thank you!

In previous versions of PS, there was a 'Ruler', or 'Measure Tool', hidden beneath the Eye Dropper Tool. I found a tutorial that shows how that tool is used.

It works like a charm! Basically, you click and drag the 'Ruler/Measure' tool along a straight line in the image itself. Then, go to 'Image'>'Image Rotation' and select 'Arbitrary'. It will show the angle it must adjust to in order for the lines in the image to be straight. Click okay. You may have to crop the edges of the image afterwards.

The tutorial shows it with images and makes more sense.

You might not know you have the 'Ruler' or 'Measure Tool'. (Depending on the version it may be called one or the other.) I didn't for a long time. It lives under the 'Eye-Dropper Tool'. Give it a try!


I just go CS6, so this will come in handy learning the new features

Didn't know that - I have always used the ruler tool hidden under the eyedropper (what a pain). Also didn't know about the "don't delete pixels" check box. VERY helpful Judy!

The delete pixels was new to me also. I used to use the ruler, but found this to be a quicker way.

I have been working with the new features of CS6. Some neat changes. Don't like some of the short icons that are now missing and have to go through the menu, but I am sure there is a way to put some of them back.

I just saw your last post, Judy. I'm not sure if this is what you mean, but, in 'Preferences', under 'Edit', you can click on 'Plug-Ins'. Look for "Show all Filter groups and names". When you click on it, a bunch more Filters become available for use in the Filters palette. Adobe hid a bunch of them and this is the way to get them back if you use them. This is specific to CS6.


Thanks Su, the Preferences allows one to change many different settings as well as Plug-Ins.
But what I was referencing is that there were short cuts on the top menu, such as Arrange. This is now under the Window menu item only. I have not investigated if this could be put back as a seperate menu item yet.