Using and Customizing Workspaces

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Using and Customizing Workspaces

Photoshop workspace consists of a document that is surrounded by an Application frame in Mac. There is an Options bar, toolbox, and over 20 cfloating panels. You workspace may reflect any combination depending on how you design your workspace. Photoshop offers predefined workspaces that includes Essentials (Default), New in CS6 (This is new to CS6), 3D, Motion, Painting, Photography, and Typography (New in CS6). To find all the new features in Photoshop CS6, you can choose a drop-down menu system with all the new features highlighted. Access workspaces by using the Workspaces menu on the right side of the Options bar (new in CS6), The Workspace submenu onthe Window menu. The changes or created workspace is auto-saved. They will not reset until you create or change your workspace.

How to Display a Workspace:

  • Select what you what panel you want to display or create.
  • Essentials is Default
  • New - this is new in CS6
  • 3D
  • Motion - this is new in CS6
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Typography - this is new in CS6
  • Dis
plays panel layouts created by Adobe for specific purposes in Photoshop

You can reset your workspace to the original configuration by selecting Workspace under the Window menu tab - go to Reset workspace name.

Thanks again Judy for your diligence in bringing all this information to us! It is so appreciated!

I just love these help files.

Glad they are helping.