Where did my .png go? Check Color Mode!

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Where did my .png go? Check Color Mode!

Have you ever tried to save a Photoshop document as a .png file, but .png doesn't show up in the list of options? It's probably because your color mode is set to CMYK and .png files do not support that color mode. To fix that, go into Image>Mode> and then check RGB and voila! you can now save as a .png

If you've worked in Photoshop much at all, then you probably already know that .png files allow for a transparent background which we like for our scrapbook elements!

Thanks Tina! Have not run into this but if it happens, I will now have the resolution!

HA! I hadn't run into it yet either, but it's almost guaranteed I will at some point (since I'm often designing in RGB, then changing over to CMYK for printing)...and that would *totally* send me into a panic! smiley

Vaguely related CMYK issue: I've also noticed some websites get cranky at you if you try uploading in CMYK - I want to say Facebook was one though I can't recall for sure, but if you're uploading an image and it bugs out and won't go and you cannot for the life of you sort out why, try RGB instead of CMYK!

My understanding is that CMYK is for print and RGB is for web - and my experience is that the two don't play well together. I've got a lot to learn about color spaces and profiles.

Tina, that's exactly what I've learned too - I had nooo idea that's what the deal was until I spent a brief stint designing ads at a Penny Saver! (These are small, local advertising newspapers, for those who may not have one.) I've been constantly torn between the two color profiles in the almost-year my design shop has been in business. While I know CMYK is best for printing, I also know that most photos are in RGB...and half of my customers are using their usual methods for photo-printing, while the other half are going to print shops! (My current solution: If they want a jpg file, I send it in RGB. If they want a pdf, I send CMYK. There's not usually a huge difference in the end anyway, but, I'm paranoid lol.)

I heard recently that png is now the second-most common image file type used on the web (jpg being #1, of course; gif used to be #2) - so I suspect pointers on their use will be coming in handy for people! smiley

Interesting discussion. I hope I can remember this solution when it happens to me. Thanks ladies.

@Melissa Hamilton Do you use a color profiler for your computer? I bought an X-Rite iDisplay Pro and don't think I'm know what I'm doing with it. Can't tell any difference.