Wrapping images around an item in PSE

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Wrapping images around an item in PSE

Sorry if that sounds weird. I was wondering if there was a way to wrap things like labels around objects such as bottles or over the corners of boxes and things in PSE 10 - keeping things in perspective. I have some nice bottle pngs and want to display my labels on them -

In this image the label doesn't follow the curve of the bottle and looks fake. I'd like to try to fix that

witch powder low res 4 by goddess of chocolate, on Flickr

If you transform the image (ctrl+t) and then right click you will see a menu with different options such as "skew," "distort" and "warp." One of these may help you get the look you're trying to achieve.

Thanks Marisa, I'll try that smiley

@Betsy, would love to see your results (and the techniques you used) if you find anything that worked!

Hi Phillippa - I actually did make it work. The transform tools in PSE only allow you to make angular changes to the label and it doesn't give you the curve that you need to go around the bottle. PSP has the warp tool, and it took me a few days to figure out that PSE has the same thing but it doesn't go by the same name. You have to go into filter > distort > liquify (who would have thought to check there for Pete's sake!). I made the brush size really big and was able to add a little curve to the label. It's not perfect at all but it's better...compare the photo above with this one:

[img] pumpkin cordial bottle by goddess of chocolate, on Flickr[/img]

@Betsy, that looks REALLY good!

Thanks Janet!!!

That looks great Betsy! smiley

Looks good!! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks Elizabeth and Phillippa smiley

Going to try this. Thanks for the quick tip.

Here is the latest picture with some of my poison labels - I'm getting a little better, but trying to figure out the perspective is a little weird still.

new potion sheet low res by goddess of chocolate, on Flickr

It's looking great! Did you put all those labels on the bottles? I can hardly tell.

Thanks Marissa! Yes, I added the labels to the bottles - the photo is a stock image from deviant art smiley