Getting to know Photoshop?

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Getting to know Photoshop?

Not all of us are expert Photoshop users. I learned a lot watching these tutorials! They explain the 'basics' of Photoshop, all of the classes are easy/beginner, although some techniques require more practice than others...

I have been a graphic and webdesigner for over 15 years, with 4 years of graphic school and two Advanced classes in Photoshop and Illustrator. But still almost every video contained a few things that totally amazed me, like OMG I never knew THAT was possible! smiley

If you are getting to know Photoshop, all 'self-taught' or even if you are already pretty advanced? Try these videos! They are approx. 5-10 minutes and the only 'downside' is that the guy who made the videos is probably from India smiley But if you can handle the heavy accent, you are sure to learn a lot. He is, by the way, an Adobe expert trainer, so you learn from the very best...

I would love to know what you think. And if you have any suggestions or tips for beginners, please share!

I lovelovelove Tip Squirrell for tutorials and just about everything PS. It's a great resource for everything from fonts to photo restoration and staffed by Adobe trainers -- they also have a wonderful links directory to all kinds of resources including tutorials.

Oh they where amazing smiley Gonna watch them all, you can never learn to much ^^^

And OMG there is so many videos on cs6 too smiley I'm gonna spend hours learning knew stuff i guess smiley

OOOOH Tina, thank you so much for the tip on Tipsquirell!!! Their first post when I opened the site... I finally learned how to burn and dodge non-destructively, which I have been dying to know for a while now! YAY!!

I know most people is not gonna be able to use this smiley But for people from Sweden, Norway or Denmark this could be a really easy way of learning great futures about photoshop smiley
Here is the tip anyway: Moderskeppet

There is so much to remember in Photoshop. There are times that I forget that I can do something.

Oh wow Melouise...the tutorials are fantastic!! I just watched a couple right off the bat, but am looking forward to watching more of them. I never realized how many Photoshop gaps I had. I tend to do the same steps over and over whenever I use the program. I have a feeling that some of the tutorials may help to decrease time spent on editing. Thank you so much!

@Janet: I had the exact same feeling; I've been working with Photoshop so long that I found my own typical way of doing certain things, but these tutorials showed me ways to do them much much faster (and better). Ever since I watched them, I am hooked on photoshop tutorials from all over the web, since they were a real eye-opener to the fact that I still have a lot to learn!

@Melouise: OOOOH Tina, thank you so much for the tip on Tipsquirell!!! Their first post when I opened the site... I finally learned how to burn and dodge non-destructively, which I have been dying to know for a while now! YAY!!

You can DO that???! That's a second THANK YOU, then, been driving me nuts for ages! (Usually, I duplicate the entire photo layer, and only edit one copy of it..but that helps contribute to giant file sizes. This tutorial is a much sleeker way!)

...I'm one of those self-taught folks too, and while I've used various Photoshops since 2000 or so, there are all kinds of silly things I never learned. (Aligning objects to each other? Thought Photoshop didn't do it, made me crazy. Finally realized about a year ago, OH LOOK, it's been there all along, I just didn't notice it!) Glad to have some tutorials suggested by everyone, so I can pick a place to start filling in those gaps! smiley

I actually used to frequent psdtuts for awhile, though I usually did walk-throughs rather than videos - glad to be reminded of them, think that's where I learned the pen tool!

Thank you for the link

WOW and more WOW's, thank you so much for the tips and links, why didn't I think of the new layer for burn & dodge, I will be able to make my digi stamps look so much better - I hope LOL.

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Hello Faith it is nice to meet you

Thank you so much for sharing! I'm extremely knew to PSE11 ... I have MMS but PSE11 is soooo much better! You can do so much with it and they look so crisp!! I just started on PSE11 yesterday ... wish I would have started to use it long ago!!

I've got a question ... I'm really new like I said before, so I keep hearing about vectors? and different ways to use brushes? How exactly do you use them? Because, like I downloaded the glitters brushes in Marisa's kits and when I open them in PSE11 they show up as blocks ... any advice??? I'm really confused ...

Marisa has a couple of tutorials that may help.

Brushes must be loaded into the brush tool before they can be used as a brush.

What you opened up was an image of the brush, or a view that shows you what the brush contains. Use the two tutorials to help and if you still need more help let us know.

Thank you Judy for helping me out! I'm not so confused anymore smiley Still figuring out the program but after watching tutorials it's getting easier and easier!!!

It is confusing with all the different file types that go along with Photoshop:

Brushes: .ABR
Patterns: .PAT
Styles: .ASL
Custom Shapes: .CSH
Actions: .ATN

and many more...those are just the ones I use most. It can be confusing, especially because some of them overlap somewhat. But I rarely use it as a brush (which is like a real life stamp) and instead use it as a pattern so that I can fill areas with it.

Thank you Marisa smiley I'm slowly getting the hang of PSE and all that you can do with it!! It really is an awesome program!!

Angela, you asked also about vectors. I posted a tut for them at:

Hope that helps!


Thank you so much Melouise for this link. I have started with Photoshop Elements a couple of days ago and the videos you mention are brilliant. I just had to download Chrome because in IE they didn't work smiley Even if the videos are made with and for Photoshop, I am able to learn the basics for PS Elements. Big thank you from Spain, Jasmine.

Thank you for sharing! I can't wait to have the time to really dig into PS.

Melouise, thx for posting this!