Photoshop: Layer by Layer

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Photoshop: Layer by Layer

Scrapflower has some great walk-throughs of building a page in Photoshop. You can check one out here, and at the bottom are related links where you can find more similar posts.

It can be helpful to watch as someone makes a page to get a feel for how they work and learn little things you might not have known. If you'd like more of these kinds of posts, let me know and also take a look through my gallery for a page you'd like to learn to make.

A nice tutorial. It helps to see how a page can be put together.

Several years ago I put together special a page that contains a link to a video that shows how to take the various elements, the paper, and picture to create a nice page layout.

Be sure to scroll down to the link for the video.

Photoshop uses layers. What are layers? One picture stacked on another. There can be just one or many. I have always found that when adding something to a layout to always add it as a new layer.

Layers simplify and streamline the editing of images and layouts. So you can view a layer as the digital piling of seversl pieces of paper on top of each other to create something.

The advantage of using layers is you can experiment with addons. Simply use a new layer for each new object. Take advantage of the eye next to the layer in the layers panel. Click on it and close the eye and you are not able to view the layer. Click on the eye again and you can see the layer again. This allows you to try a few object before deciding on what you like.

If you do not know where to find the layers panel, or the eye, leave me a note and I will respond as quickly as possible.

What have you used layers for? Do you have some samples to share?

I had trouble with layers at first and they way Photoshop worked with layers. Thank you for the links they help.

When I was starting out with Photoshop the mistake I consistently made was not remembering to put each and every element on a separate layer. Being able to manipulate each thing on its own layer is what makes PS so flexible and cool. If you are old enough to remember overhead transparencies, that's how I think of layers.

Hello Ladies!

I am so new to digi scrapping that I have not yet learned how to use photoshop, although from looking at various options I think I could become a wiz at it - I have previously used Creative Memories digital Scrapbook program, so I'm hoping the similarities are broad enough to help me muddle though.

Unfortunately the link in Marisa's first post is way out of date (my fault for chosing an old topic, but I was looking to go back to basics so I tried the oldest ones first) and I wondered whether anyone has any recommendations for you tube videos which give you the begginers guide to starting out in scrapbooking on the current photoshop? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks ~M x