September Labels and Words

September Labels and Words

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This kit does not currently have any items available for individual download.

Example Layouts

  1. Bon appétit
  2. First Birthday Party
  3. Cactus love 2
  4. October Challenge 2020: Sept Kits- The Small Things
  5. Horseback Riding- MK

Recent Comments

Teri Kimbrell
Teri Kimbrell Wed, 09/30/2020 - 23:24

Thank you.

Gonda Klees-Mueller
Gonda Klees-Mueller Mon, 09/07/2020 - 08:15

Great kit, Gina!

Christine Harrison
Christine Harrison Sat, 09/05/2020 - 22:45

Thank you for sharing

Nellie Bell
Nellie Bell Wed, 09/02/2020 - 09:16

Wonderful collection of word art, thank you

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez Tue, 09/01/2020 - 07:33

You are so talented, thank you for sharing.