Autumn Color in the High Sierras

Autumn Color in the High Sierras

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Recent Comments

Susan Sherwood
Susan Sherwood Sun, 12/01/2013 - 11:54


Shawna Adkerson
Shawna Adkerson Sat, 10/12/2013 - 22:53

stunning Harriett, absolutely stunning. this is one of those times photos speak a million words. :)

Kaleena Farmer
Kaleena Farmer Thu, 10/03/2013 - 14:53

very pretty. I love the mask you used on the biggest photo

Kimberlee Gerstmann
Kimberlee Gerstmann Thu, 10/03/2013 - 10:34

Beautiful colors in your pictures. Nice way to highlight them. :)

Elizabeth Minkus
Elizabeth Minkus Thu, 10/03/2013 - 05:13

just beautiful! amazing photos!!