Kitty, Kitty

Kitty, Kitty

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Recent Comments

Krissy Collette
Krissy Collette Tue, 06/09/2015 - 22:18

Such a cute page- I too love the text and all the circles!

Nadia Slegers
Nadia Slegers Fri, 07/18/2014 - 03:21

I love how the text fits around the circles. Cute layout!

Tammy Morgan
Tammy Morgan Wed, 07/16/2014 - 11:17

I just love everything about this layout!

Kaleena Farmer
Kaleena Farmer Tue, 07/15/2014 - 19:13

Cute! I love the circles and how many papers you were able to use because of them.

Beatrice Loren
Beatrice Loren Tue, 07/15/2014 - 16:26

very cute.

Judy Daino
Judy Daino Tue, 07/15/2014 - 15:08

Oh Lord, how cute all around.