Snowdog 3.13

Snowdog 3.13

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Recent Comments

kavel tasdelen
kavel tasdelen Mon, 04/15/2013 - 07:08

pretty layout. I like the stitches so much.

Dia Will
Dia Will Thu, 04/04/2013 - 09:57

Very nice :]

Carrie Barron
Carrie Barron Wed, 04/03/2013 - 07:21

Great layout! I like how everything is angled!

Cintia dhariana
Cintia dhariana Wed, 04/03/2013 - 05:02

I love this LO!!! Great use of spaces!

Jessica Nuis
Jessica Nuis Wed, 04/03/2013 - 01:37

This LO is awesome, I love the colors you used!!!!

Melo Vrijhof
Melo Vrijhof Tue, 04/02/2013 - 23:04

This layout caught my eye immediately, what a beautiful composition. I love the colors and... your dog!