Janet Scott's Designs

  1. Earth Day- Green Globe Paper
  2. Earth Day- Dark Green Tree Paper
  3. Earth Day- Painted Ripped Paper Border
  4. Lucky To Have You Word Art
  5. Glass Recycle Water- Unshadowed
  6. Earth Day Mini- Shadowed Glass Recycle 2
  7. The Lucky One- Striped Oval Sticker
  8. The Lucky One- White Doily
  9. The Lucky One- Wood Frame
  10. Earth Day Mini- Purple Cardboard Flower
  11. The Lucky One- Striped Folded Ribbon
  12. Earth Day- Green Tree Paper
  13. Earth Day- Pink Ripped Paper Border
  14. March 17th Word Art
  15. Glass Recycle Water- Shadowed
  16. Earth Day Solid White Paper 01
  17. Earth Day Mini- Lime Cardboard Flower
  18. Earth Day Mini- One Home Word Art
  19. Earth Day Mini- Lime Butterfly
  20. Earth Day- Pink Tree Paper
  21. Earth Day- Pink Heart Sticker Border
  22. Glass Recycle Heart- Shadowed
  23. Earth Day Rainbow Butterfly
  24. Earth Day Mini- Clouds Doodle Paper
  25. Earth Day Mini- Globe Paper 2
  26. Earth Day Mini- Go Green Journal Card
  27. Earth Day- Upcycle Word Art
  28. Earth Day Mini- Cloud Doodle 1
  29. The Lucky One- Postcard 2
  30. Earth Day- Pink Globe Ribbon
  31. Earth Day- Leaf Ribbon
  32. Earth Day- Dark Tree Paper
  33. Earth Day- Doodled Flower Paper 2
  34. Earth Day- Doodled Flower Paper 1
  35. Glass Recycle Heart- Unshadowed
  36. Multi Colored Shamrock Paper
  37. Earth Day- Recycle Word Art
  38. Earth Day- Reduce Word Art
  39. Earth Day- Respect Word Art
  40. Earth Day- Make a Difference Word Art