Janet Scott's Designs

  1. Strawberry Fields- Farm Fresh Word Art
  2. Woodland Winter- This Word Art
  3. Woodland Winter- Rosy Journal Card
  4. Garden Party Paint 08
  5. Garden Party Paint 06
  6. Pond Life- Flowers
  7. At The Fair Mini- Balloons
  8. At The Fair Mini- Carnival
  9. Sunshine & Lemons Mini- Peach Polka Dot Paper
  10. Oh Baby Vintage Advertisement
  11. Oh Baby, Baby- Picture Perfect Word Art
  12. Oh Baby, Baby- June 2014 Blog Train Mini- Baby
  13. Oh Baby, Baby- Primary Scatter
  14. Oh Baby, Baby- Doll
  15. Oh Baby, Baby- Doll 2
  16. Hello- Paint 6
  17. Hello- Paint 4
  18. One Stop Bunting Shop- Tan Button
  19. One Stop Bunting Shop- Peach Button
  20. Enchanted- Briar Rose Flower Child
  21. Enchanted- Buttercup Flower Child
  22. The Lucky One- Girl Brad
  23. The Lucky One- Butterfly Brad
  24. The Lucky One- Multi-Colored Clovers Brad
  25. The Lucky One- Striped Brad
  26. Christmas Memories Santa Card
  27. Christmas Memories Postcard 2
  28. Tiny, But Mighty Orange Floral Fabric Paper
  29. Tiny, But Mighty Orange Bead Scatter
  30. Tiny, But Might Peach Accordion Fabric Flower
  31. Tiny, But Mighty Orange Pearl Button
  32. Tiny, But Mighty Tan Floral Cardstock
  33. Tiny, But Mighty Orange Lace
  34. Tiny, But Mighty Orange Safety Pin
  35. Tiny, But Mighty- Sleeping Baby Boy Doodle
  36. Tiny, But Mighty- Baby Boy Doodle 2
  37. Tiny, But Mighty- Baby Girl Doodle 1
  38. Tiny, But Might Peach Accordion Fabric Flower 02
  39. Tiny, But Mighty Neutral Cardstock
  40. Tiny, But Mighty Peach Button