Janet Scott's Designs

  1. The Nutcracker- Aqua Solid Paper
  2. Many Thanks Journal Card 1
  3. Many Thanks Multi-Colored Dot Paper
  4. Oh Baby, Baby- Marbled 2 Paper
  5. Oh Baby, Baby- Butterfly 2
  6. Hello Teal Solid Paper
  7. Hello Teal Star Paper
  8. Earth Day Solid Teal Paper 01
  9. Teal Frame for 3 photos
  10. Earth Day- Dark Globe Paper
  11. Earth Day- Green Globe Paper
  12. Earth Day- Dark Green Tree Paper
  13. Earth Day- Painted Ripped Paper Border
  14. Teal Cardboard Flower
  15. Earth Day- World United Paper
  16. Earth Day- Green Tree Paper
  17. Earth Day- United World Paper
  18. Earth Day- Pink Tree Paper
  19. Earth Day Solid Teal Paper 02
  20. Earth Day- Pink Globe Ribbon
  21. Earth Day- Dark Tree Paper
  22. Earth Day- Doodled Flower Paper 2
  23. Earth Day- Doodled Flower Paper 1
  24. Earth Day- Clouds Paper
  25. Earth Day- Colorful Painted Paper
  26. Earth Day- Painted Paper
  27. Earth Day- United Earth Day Ribbon
  28. Earth Day- Word Papers
  29. Earth Day- Ripped Papers
  30. Earth Day- Clouds Ribbon
  31. Quilted With Love- Geometric Ribbon
  32. Teal Ornamental Paper
  33. Quilted With Love- Vintage Thread 2
  34. Tiny, But Mighty Teal Safety Pin
  35. Tiny, But Mighty Teal Lace
  36. Tiny, But Might Teal Accordion Fabric Flower
  37. Tiny, But Mighty Teal Floral Fabric Paper
  38. Tiny, But Mighty Teal Tag
  39. Tiny, But Mighty Teal Embellished Note Paper
  40. Tiny, But Mighty Blue Pearl Button