Oh Baby, Baby - Paint and Glitter Splat Kit

Oh Baby, Baby - Paint and Glitter Splat Kit

In This Kit

  1. Oh Baby, Baby- Green Glitter Splat
  2. Oh Baby, Baby- Orange Glitter Splat
  3. Oh Baby, Baby- Paint 1
  4. Oh Baby, Baby- Paint 2
  5. Oh Baby, Baby- Paint 3

Example Layouts

  1. Facebook Cover
  2. Touch to Fireflies and Stars
  3. Play-Laugh
  4. My sunshine
  5. Baby Drew

Recent Comments

Ars blueyes101
Ars blueyes101 Wed, 12/27/2017 - 19:35

thank you!

Amy West
Amy West Tue, 01/03/2017 - 12:38

Thank you so much! Love this bundle and all of the kits in it. You all did such great jobs. ;) Thanks again.

Lisa Sattler
Lisa Sattler Wed, 11/16/2016 - 11:09

thank you

Lisa Sattler
Lisa Sattler Wed, 11/16/2016 - 11:01

great colors

Rebeca Cuatepitzi
Rebeca Cuatepitzi Thu, 04/07/2016 - 15:04


Kri Jensen
Kri Jensen Sun, 10/25/2015 - 08:55

Very nice collection!

Emily Lakshman
Emily Lakshman Sat, 10/17/2015 - 13:48

Very cool!

Michelley Delly
Michelley Delly Sun, 03/29/2015 - 21:25

Love these! Thank you

Dawn Prater
Dawn Prater Sun, 03/08/2015 - 12:39

beautiful, thank you!

Ania Archer
Ania Archer Tue, 11/18/2014 - 09:01

These are so cool, thank you.

Natasha Robinson
Natasha Robinson Mon, 08/18/2014 - 19:25

love this

Barbara Tavora
Barbara Tavora Sun, 08/03/2014 - 07:15

I love this collection. I want all!

sherry pennington
sherry pennington Sun, 07/20/2014 - 19:24

Love these paint and glitter splats !!! Thank you

Dia Will
Dia Will Mon, 07/14/2014 - 20:04

Lovely.. thank u! :)

Dawn Evans
Dawn Evans Tue, 07/01/2014 - 03:34

Pretty - thank you!! Your splashes are always lovely!

carolyn palmer-ritchie
carolyn palmer-ritchie Wed, 06/25/2014 - 08:40

lovely kit thanks

Rhonda Welsh
Rhonda Welsh Tue, 06/17/2014 - 19:53

This is beautiful, thank you!

Beth Bayer
Beth Bayer Tue, 06/17/2014 - 17:22

You guys outdid yourselves with this one. I enjoyed designing for the blog train and hit every stop but this is just gorgeous! Wow! xoxox Beth

Sheila Reid
Sheila Reid Mon, 06/16/2014 - 18:21

Your paint always ROCKS!!! Can't wait to use them!!Thanks so much:)

Donna Bell
Donna Bell Mon, 06/16/2014 - 18:12

When I first looked at this I saw peter Rabbit in the largest brown blob! Think I need my eyes checked?

Randi Synnøve Larssen
Randi Synnøve Larssen Mon, 06/16/2014 - 08:46

Lovely! Thanks

Harriett Humphries
Harriett Humphries Sun, 06/15/2014 - 15:05

Thank you, Janet. I love the painterly aspect of your designs, so lovely.

Janet Scott
Janet Scott Sun, 06/15/2014 - 09:17

This is the correct kit to download. The other two kits are glitches that I can't delete at the moment. I'm so sorry for the inconvenience!