Sci Fi Theater

Sci Fi Theater

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Julie Higgins
Julie Higgins Sun, 04/27/2014 - 17:54

Karry, what an awesome kit! I'm downloading it now. Thank you so much for offering it. I love the "food" guys. I have another layout in mind for it.

Karry Dempsey
Karry Dempsey Sat, 04/26/2014 - 23:10

Thats so cute. I also just released a free mini-kit yesterday called Friday Night Drive-in in the freebie forum section under FREEBIES PU: Karry Dempsey. I love your layout.

Susann Baird
Susann Baird Sat, 04/26/2014 - 21:20

I love the kit! You did a great job with this layout!