just keep swimming

just keep swimming

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Recent Comments

Judy Daino
Judy Daino Wed, 07/23/2014 - 17:46

Kaleena, this is so very cool. Love these photos.

Orsinian Tales
Orsinian Tales Tue, 07/22/2014 - 07:15

What a cutie! Your technique to bring the qutiest out with the colors and wavy-patterned paper. I also love the small photo. It seems very important to complete this adorable layout.

Sandy Sew
Sandy Sew Mon, 07/21/2014 - 19:34

What a great layout that really does focus on the adorable picture of your little friend.

Amara Van Lente
Amara Van Lente Mon, 07/21/2014 - 13:03

So adorable. She looks like a cabbage patch kid :)

Brenda Hollingsworth
Brenda Hollingsworth Mon, 07/21/2014 - 08:46

This is just too cute. The photos themselves are awesome -- and then you chose papers and elements that coordinate perfectly. Love it!

jose van bussel
jose van bussel Mon, 07/21/2014 - 06:28

What a great picture! Love the big photo (and the way her proud face is captured) and the little cluster, including another under water photo, in the right corner.
Thanks for sharing!

J.ajabad Abad
J.ajabad Abad Sun, 07/20/2014 - 21:13

What a wonderful way to capture an great accomplishment. The large photo is just breath-taking. I wouldn't have guessed that your little friend was watershy by these photos.