Little Lady

Little Lady

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Recent Comments

Kandice Greer
Kandice Greer Sat, 07/19/2014 - 00:14

Thank you for your wonderful comments!

Judy Daino
Judy Daino Tue, 07/15/2014 - 15:38

This is so pretty. So soft and I love the clustering.

Tammy Morgan
Tammy Morgan Mon, 07/14/2014 - 06:42

Very pretty! I love that the colors you chose compliment the photos so nicely.

Robyn Denton
Robyn Denton Mon, 07/14/2014 - 02:12

Beautiful, Kandice! What a gorgeous little girl, and I love the colours you have chosen. It's so refreshing to see non-traditional colours used for a little girl, too.