wedding's eve

wedding's eve

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Recent Comments

Melinda Johnson
Melinda Johnson Mon, 03/17/2014 - 09:39

I love the colors and the simplicity on this one! Nicely done!

kavel tasdelen
kavel tasdelen Sun, 03/16/2014 - 22:56

thank you girls :) I'm glad you like it. I wasn't sure about the layout until your beautiful comments :)

Catherine Olson
Catherine Olson Fri, 03/14/2014 - 09:19

love the dark gray BG with the pain splatter... and the bottom edge is adorable!

Sharon-Dewi Stolp
Sharon-Dewi Stolp Fri, 03/14/2014 - 05:39

Beautiful! I love the dark grey background with the accents of sugar pink (same for the photo). The scatter of tags and the touches of glitter make it just perfect!

Melo Vrijhof
Melo Vrijhof Fri, 03/14/2014 - 05:31

This is beautiful, I love the repeating colors with little splashes of yellow and gold. The double tag behind the photo is a very nice detail.

Elif Şahin
Elif Şahin Fri, 03/14/2014 - 04:44

Ooh beautifully done! I love the flag behind photo and glitter splaters, also that font is really nice ^^