Making Plaid Paper

a template by&nbspMarisa Lerin

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Category: Intermediate

Tags: photoshop, plaid

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Summary: Learn to easily make photoshop paper in Photoshop.

May 14, 2012 · Comment ·

You can start with one of my photoshop patterns to make this tutorial easiest. 

1. Recolor the stripes using the easy recoloring method.
2. Go to Edit -> Define Palette and click "ok" in the box that pops up.

3. Open a new canvas in the size you want your paper to be.
4. Create a new layer.
5. Using the Fill Tool (G), select "Pattern" mode and choose your recently saved pattern from the small drop down menu.

6. Fill the new layer with the pattern.
7. Duplicate the layer and rotate it 90°.

8. With the new layer highlighted, change the blending mode to "Mutliply".