Using a Quickpage 2 thumbnail image
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Summary: How to use a quickpage that has a solid color as the place holder for the image.  Uses both text and video so you can follow along in one or both.

March 9, 2010 · Comment ·

First, open your quickpage file and the image you want to use in photoshop.  This tutorial will show how to use a quickpage that has a solid area.  If your quickpage has a transparent area, use this tutorial.  In the image file, check the size of the image (image->image size).  Make sure that the image size is in the same ballpark as the quickpage.  Comparing the pixel dimemsions is the quickest way to be sure they are of similar sizes.  Then copy the image into the quickpage file: 

1.  ctrl-a will select the entire image

2.  ctrl-c will copy the image

3.  Go to the quickpage file and do ctrl-v to paste

Now your image is on top of the quickpage.  To get the image in the right spot, we are going to make a new layer in the layer palette.  Temporarily hide the image you just brought into the quickpage.  Now select the layer of the quickpage.  Using the magic wand tool (W), click on the area of solid color.  Now select your new layer in the layers palette.  Using the fill bucket tool (G) fill the selected area with a color, I'm using red.


Now, with the new layer selected in the layers palette change the opacity to something like 50%.  Now you can turn the image layer back on and you will be able to see the area you are working with.  To adjust the image size, be sure the image is highlighted in the layers palette, and hit ctrl-t to transform the image.  This will allow you to drag the corners of the image to whatever size you would like.  Hold down the shift button while dragging to maintain the proper ratio.  

Once you have the image in the right place, select the new, color layer in the layers palette and using the magic wand tool (W) select the area that surrounds the colored area, the empty space.  Now select the image layer and hit delete.  Hide the color layer, and your image should be in the proper space!

If you want, you can add a text layer with the date or a small title.  And now you are finished!

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