Lost Lake

Lost Lake

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Recent Comments

Therese Schmidt
Therese Schmidt Fri, 09/12/2014 - 22:05

Gorgeous photo and layout! Love the colors in the "lemons" and great arrangement of it all. Looks like a place I'd like to go. :)

December Emm
December Emm Thu, 04/18/2013 - 06:58

Love the embellishments under the photo... great job!

Judith Richards Shubert
Judith Richards Shubert Sat, 03/23/2013 - 14:40

The papers compliment the photo of the lake so well. I love this. It is so fresh and makes you want to be there!

Janet Scott
Janet Scott Mon, 03/18/2013 - 20:06

Got it...oh and love the clip art website. I sometimes struggle to find specific shapes, so this should help. I'm going to bookmark it. :)

Janet Scott
Janet Scott Mon, 03/18/2013 - 20:04

Oh fantastic...thanks so much!! Off I go to check out the link. :)

Lisa Lavery
Lisa Lavery Sun, 03/17/2013 - 14:51


Here is a link for the free tear drop shape that I used.

Lisa Lavery
Lisa Lavery Sun, 03/17/2013 - 14:44

Hi Janet,
I made the 'lemon' shape with a tear drop shape which I copied, pasted and then inverted so that one on top of the other would make the 'lemon'.

Janet Scott
Janet Scott Sun, 03/17/2013 - 01:11

Absolutely gorgeous layout! Do you mind me asking how you did the 'lemon' shape? Did you do a circle with two triangles - one on top and one on bottom - or did you have a template that you used? Really do love this layout!

Nadia Slegers
Nadia Slegers Wed, 03/13/2013 - 08:15

Nice shapes, sort of drops! Great layout, pretty!

Lana Fischer
Lana Fischer Wed, 03/13/2013 - 02:50

This is beautiful!!

laura porta
laura porta Tue, 03/12/2013 - 14:23


Lisa Lavery
Lisa Lavery Tue, 03/12/2013 - 11:17

Thanks everyone! When I saw this technique used on another layout similar to mine, I immediately knew I needed to use it for my picture. It took a lot of work putting everything together but I think it turned out pretty good :-)

Dawn Evans
Dawn Evans Tue, 03/12/2013 - 09:33

What a lovely photo. The little lemon-like shapes are so pretty and I love the way some of them have flowers which extend beyond the shape. Very pretty - wish I could visit it!

Lorraine Goodier
Lorraine Goodier Tue, 03/12/2013 - 09:26

Love those shapes and what you did with them. Amazing.

Olivia Lee
Olivia Lee Tue, 03/12/2013 - 08:55

I really dig this... so serene!

Emily Silverman
Emily Silverman Tue, 03/12/2013 - 07:08

What a pretty page, I love the design you made for the background.

Laura Dillon
Laura Dillon Mon, 03/11/2013 - 22:22

The repeating shape is so neat! They really draw you into the photo and make you want to go there.

Lizanne Killian
Lizanne Killian Mon, 03/11/2013 - 20:32

I love the simplicity & color scheme of this layout - very pretty!

Elizabeth Minkus
Elizabeth Minkus Mon, 03/11/2013 - 15:20

your LO is so creative and beautiful! the colors tie perfectly to your photo and the clusters are so cool! love it!!

Jennifer Wagner
Jennifer Wagner Mon, 03/11/2013 - 14:53

Really like this layout...the ornament shape clusters are really cool.