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Recent Comments

Scrapper grl
Scrapper grl Sun, 12/01/2013 - 09:10

I love what you have done with this template! You've inspired me to search my stash to see if I have it :-)

christy cole
christy cole Tue, 10/23/2012 - 13:04

I absolutely love how creative this page is!!! Simply stunning!!!

Shawna Adkerson
Shawna Adkerson Mon, 10/22/2012 - 22:36

love what you did with this template, love the yellows and grays & the shiny giant gold glitter brad in the lower right hand corner!

Jaclyn Clayton
Jaclyn Clayton Mon, 10/15/2012 - 08:11

ooooh what a fun layout!!! I downloaded but haven't used it yet... thanks for sharing your take on it!

Marisa Lerin
Marisa Lerin Mon, 10/15/2012 - 07:08

Love those circles! I love the peak at the photos you get.