Lou Smith's Gallery

  1. Sweet Dreams (Pajama Party)
  2. 4th July Parade (Gnomish Fourth)
  3. Don't worry be happy (Cheerful Feelings)
  4. Seaside Memories
  1. A Perfect Summer (Pool)
  2. A Perfect Summer (Beach)
  3. A Father (Rose red, Rose white)
  4. A Grandfather (Rose red, Rose white)
  1. Bled Island (Rose red, Rose white)
  2. Hello (Delightful)
  3. I am... so strong (Stronger)
  4. Remember this day (Vintage Memories)
  1. Together (Community)
  2. Car show (Pop's garage)
  3. Wild & Free (Namibia)
  4. The soft Murmur of the waves (Pacific realm)
  1. Faith (Forever Friends)
  2. BFF (Forever Friends)
  3. Moving Day (Fragile)
  4. Dance of the wildflowers
  1. Tender Moment (Soft Moments)
  2. A good day to be happy (Choose Happiness)
  3. Today will be wonderful (Choose Happiness)
  4. Anchors away (Sail Away)
  1. Imagination
  2. In our garden (Sweet Bouquet)
  3. Memories (Just Create & Scrap)
  4. Best Moments (Just Create & Scrap)
  1. Life is sweet (Retro Picnic)
  2. Summer Loving (School's out)
  3. Nature Moments (Swim with the fishes)
  4. The little Moments (Naturally)
  1. I'll just do it myself
  2. Dreams Of Tomorrow
  3. Dreams Of Tomorrow (Graduation)
  4. One day in May (Fork in the Road)
  1. Sing a song (Song in my heart)
  2. Cuddle (Nesting)
  3. One more page (Stories to tell)
  4. Believe in Yourself (Stories to tell)