Lou Smith's Gallery

  1. Memories (A bit of lace)
  2. Holiday Fun (Candy Cane Christmas)
  3. Cherish Yourself (Heart and soul)
  4. Like butterflies (New Beginnings)
  5. A new page (New Beginnings)
  6. Trying to catch snowflakes (Winter Solstice)
  7. Love Today (Old Melodie)
  8. New Beginning (Crisp Mornings)
  9. Cozy & Warm (Crisp Mornings)
  10. A Walk With Winter
  11. Good morning (Seeds and sunshine)
  12. Chill in the air (All is calm)
  13. Family is everything (Mysterious)
  14. Light (Scripture challenge)
  15. Let it snow (Snowhispers)
  16. Unicorn for Christmas (Glitz and Glam Christmas)
  17. Mindful (Flora)
  18. The flat tyre (Happy Trails)
  19. Snuggle (Brisk)
  20. Yummy (Grandma's Kitchen)
  21. Homemade (Grandma's Kitchen)
  22. Favourite Photo (Handmade with love)
  23. Believe you can (Aspire)
  24. Sea Side (Aqua Blue)
  25. Sail Away (Aqua Blue)
  26. Winter WOnderland (Winter Solstice)
  27. Let it snow (In January Hues)
  28. Summer 81 (As time goes by)
  29. Make some noise (Joy of my heart)
  30. Happy when it rains (Pinkadilly)
  31. Longing for Spring (Renew, Refresh, Revive)
  32. A walk on Christmas Day (Winter Wishes)
  33. Play (Beautiful Mess)
  34. Sparkle wherever you go (Never stop dreaming)
  35. Be what you want to be (Never stop dreaming)
  36. Falling for Autumn (Falling Softly)
  37. Perfect Memories
  38. Winter wonderland Winter magic (Hello Winter)
  39. Not feeling well (Night Dreamer)
  40. Dear Santa (Candy Cane Christmas)