Marisa Lerin's Designs

  1. Brush 049y Template
  2. Kawaii Halloween Stamp- Yellow Star
  3. Kawaii Halloween Stamp- Pink Heart
  4. Brush 049j Template
  5. Kawaii Halloween Monster 002 Pink Stripes
  6. Autumn Art Word Art- Sometimes Template
  7. Autumn Art Word Art- Hello Autumn Template
  8. Autumn Art Word Art- Fall In Love With Life Template
  9. Autumn Art Word Art- All Over Again Template
  10. Autumn Art Cards Kit- NOW (4x6)
  11. Autumn Art Cards Kit- Loveliest Smile (4x6)
  12. Autumn Art Cards Kit- All Over Again
  13. Autumn Art Cards Kit- Fall in Love With Life
  14. Autumn Art Cards Kit- The Moment is Now
  15. Autumn Art Cards Kit- Find Your Passion
  16. Autumn Art Cards Kit- I Really Mean It
  17. Layout Template 589
  18. Kawaii Halloween Ghost 002 B With Flower
  19. Kawaii Halloween Ghost 002
  20. Brush 049z Template
  21. Brush 049l Template
  22. Brush 049i Template
  23. Kawaii Halloween Label- You're Scary Cute
  24. Kawaii Halloween- Monster Paper
  25. Kawaii Halloween- Monster Paper- Small
  26. Kawaii Halloween Ghost 001
  27. Kawaii Halloween Paper Frame- Heart
  28. Brush 049x Template
  29. Brush 049h Template
  30. Kawaii Halloween Monster 001 Chevron
  31. Kawaii Halloween- Happy Ghosts Paper
  32. Kawaii Halloween- Happy Ghosts Paper- Small
  33. Kawaii Halloween Brad- Heart B
  34. Brush 049w Template
  35. Kawaii Halloween Paper Frame- Purple & White
  36. Brush 049g Template
  37. Kawaii Halloween Paper Frame- Pink
  38. Kawaii Halloween Paper Flower- Yellow
  39. Kawaii Halloween Paper Flower- Orange
  40. Kawaii Halloween Paper Flower- Purple