Marisa Lerin's Designs

  1. Scatter 002- Here & Now Stitching & More
  2. Video Game Valentine Washi- People
  3. Scattered Stars Washi Tape- Light Blue Background
  4. Diamonds & Circles Washi Tape- Light Blue Purple & Orange
  5. Paired Stars Washi Tape- Blue & Light Blue
  6. Challenged Brad- Flair 05
  7. Challenged Ribbon- Heart
  8. Challenged Tag 30- Light Blue
  9. Taiwan Felt Flower 01d- Blue & Peach
  10. Taiwan Felt Flower 01e- Purple & Light Blue
  11. Taiwan Felt Flower 01f- Light Blue & Yellow Green
  12. Taiwan Paper Flower 10l- Red Stripes
  13. Change Target Brad- Light Blue
  14. Change Solid Paper- Light Blue
  15. Change Target Brad- Green
  16. Deck The Halls Brad 13c- Light Blue
  17. Deck The Halls Journal Card- Joy
  18. Deck The Halls- Label Fa La La La La
  19. Deck The Halls- Label All Together
  20. Deck The Halls- Ribbon Stars
  21. Like This Tape- Red & Light Blue Grid
  22. Like This Kit- Light Blue Bow
  23. Like This Kit- Label Make A List
  24. Like This Kit- Label Like It
  25. Like This Kit- Label My Favorite
  26. Like This Tape- Blue Striped
  27. Like This Tag- Red & Blue
  28. Like This Kit- Blue Tag
  29. Lake District- Brad Blue Filigree
  30. Lake District- Flower Light Blue
  31. Lake District Journal Card- Arrows
  32. Lake District Journal Card- Blue Stripes
  33. Lake District Journal Card- Forever Filigree
  34. Lake District Journal Card- Fresh
  35. Lake District Label- Let's Take A Walk
  36. Lake District Label- The Less Traveled Path
  37. Lake District- Feather
  38. Lake District- Leaf A
  39. Lake District- Paper Flower Blue
  40. Lake District Label- Travel Well