Marisa Lerin's Designs

  1. House Strip- Our House Elements
  2. At The Farm Brad- Chick
  3. Home Heart- Our House Elements
  4. Houses- Our House Elements
  5. Taiwan Paper Flower 10l- Red Stripes
  6. Slovenia Frame- Blue
  7. Slovenia Journal Cards- Castles (Landscape 4x6)
  8. Slovenia Journal Cards- Castles (Landscape)
  9. Slovenia Journal Cards- Castles (Portrait)
  10. Winter Arabesque Paint Cross Paper
  11. Cheer Button- Star
  12. Solid Light Blue Paper- Malaysia Kit
  13. Lake District Journal Card- Arrows
  14. Slovenia Tag- Blue 2
  15. Slovenia Castle 04 Blue
  16. Chevron 04 Blue Paper
  17. Where Flowers Bloom Doodle Clouds- Blue & Brown
  18. Where Flowers Bloom Doodle Clouds- Blue & Green
  19. Here & Now Frames- Blue
  20. Here & Now- Geometric Paper- Triangles
  21. Video Game Valentine Solids Paper- Light Blue
  22. Winter Wonderland Mini- Tree Brad
  23. Video Game Valentine Washi- People
  24. Circle Flower 10c
  25. Bird Paper 81
  26. Peachy Striped Paper 59
  27. Vietnam Tag- Light Blue
  28. Vietnam Tag- Quote Follow Your Heart
  29. DSF Aug 2013 Blog Train Mini Kit- Striped Ribbon
  30. Slovenia Square Brad 022- Blue
  31. Wild Wild Wild- Sticker Cambodia
  32. Slovenia Flower- Sticker Band
  33. Slovenia Journal Cards- Floral Bulleted
  34. Our House Mini Kit- Blue Wooden Flower
  35. Our House Mini Kit- Always Together Label
  36. Our House Mini Kit- Spotted Blue Maple Leaf
  37. Winter Arabesque Snow Paper
  38. Pure Joy Now This Is The Moment- Here & Now Word Art
  39. Boy- Red Video Game Valentine People
  40. Couple- Green Video Game Valentine People