Marisa Lerin's Designs

  1. Cambodia Solid Brown Paper
  2. Color Basics Solid Paper- Light Green
  3. Move Solid Tan Paper
  4. World Traveler Solid Paper Kraft
  5. Solid Orange Paper
  6. Bolivia Solid Papers- Light Pink
  7. Versailles Glitter Paper- White
  8. Amsterdam Corrugated Cardboard- Blue
  9. Kiss- Textured Paper- Navy
  10. Vietnam Solid Paper- Yellow
  11. Korea Solid Paper- Black
  12. World Cup Dark Blue Paper
  13. Taiwan Solid Paper- Cardboard- Green
  14. Love Me Glitter Paper- Chevron- White
  15. Change Solid Paper- Blue
  16. City Bicycle Solid Paper- Gray 1
  17. Vietnam Solid Paper- Yellow 3
  18. Vietnam Solid Paper- Peach 2
  19. Vietnam Solid Paper- Teal
  20. Tpl Solid Paper Orange
  21. Inspire Teal Paper
  22. Touch Of Style Solid Paper Yellow
  23. Scotland Solid Paper Black
  24. Rainy Day Solid Paper Blue4
  25. P&G Solid Paper- Purple 5
  26. Palestine Solid Paper- Maroon
  27. Khaki Scouts- Solid Brown Paper
  28. Family Game Night Red Paper
  29. Kiss- Textured Paper- Light Blue
  30. Palestine Solid Paper- Blue
  31. Chinese New Year- Black Paper
  32. Chinese New Year- Tan Paper
  33. At the Zoo Solid- Blue
  34. City Bicycle Solid Paper- Mint
  35. Footsteps Solid Paper- Tan
  36. Solid Red Paper- At the Farm
  37. Dino Paper- Solid Orange
  38. Laundry Solid Brown Polka Dot Paper
  39. Cambodia Brown 02 Solid Paper
  40. At Twilight- Gray Paper