Explore - Wadi Rum

Explore - Wadi Rum

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Recent Comments

Sera Higgins
Sera Higgins Sun, 11/18/2012 - 13:26

love how the photo and the background go so well together and I love the use of white space here, even if it is actually orange...lol.

Karen Ibarcena
Karen Ibarcena Fri, 11/02/2012 - 18:11

Love how you matched the paper so beautifully with the photo.

Lisa Lavery
Lisa Lavery Fri, 11/02/2012 - 16:10

I love this layout. One of my favorite tv shows is GlobeTrekker and this page has that feel.

Lórien Rezende
Lórien Rezende Fri, 11/02/2012 - 14:08

wow... The paper and the photo match in an awesome way!

Elizabeth Minkus
Elizabeth Minkus Fri, 11/02/2012 - 09:41

very eye-catching! stunning photo :) must have been amazing to visit!