Life isn't Black & White

Life isn't Black & White

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Recent Comments

Jill Utrup
Jill Utrup Thu, 01/02/2020 - 18:00

great mix of media and style!

Deb Andrew
Deb Andrew Thu, 07/26/2018 - 20:57

Great collage and use of layers and elements.

Audrée Florence
Audrée Florence Fri, 07/07/2017 - 12:03

beautiful !

Judy Daino
Judy Daino Tue, 10/14/2014 - 17:47

LOOOVE this!!

Melinda Johnson
Melinda Johnson Fri, 02/07/2014 - 15:43

Do you have the map someplace on the site? Love it!

Melinda Johnson
Melinda Johnson Fri, 02/07/2014 - 15:39

Love love LOVE this!! I am going to totally try and do something similar!

Tiffany Johnstone
Tiffany Johnstone Fri, 09/13/2013 - 10:29

love the map layer

Leaonna Kizer
Leaonna Kizer Thu, 07/18/2013 - 18:12

I love how the white bg really makes the content pop out at you on this... great layout

Jennifer Friesen
Jennifer Friesen Wed, 02/13/2013 - 07:49

This is very cute! I love the map. I just may use this idea!

Ginny Rufener
Ginny Rufener Sun, 02/03/2013 - 11:43


Meridy Reeve
Meridy Reeve Sat, 01/26/2013 - 21:57

Love the map too! How did you do it?

Sue Cimini
Sue Cimini Fri, 12/21/2012 - 17:38

Love this layout! Great use of the maps.

Melissa Bechtloff
Melissa Bechtloff Fri, 12/07/2012 - 08:40

now who doesn't love pink ... love the map

Sarah MacIntosh
Sarah MacIntosh Tue, 11/20/2012 - 20:32

I really like this's very eye-catching!

Sera Higgins
Sera Higgins Sun, 11/18/2012 - 11:31

Loving the use of white space in this layout... and the map is great... I also like that you used a Halloween kit to scrap something not Halloween oriented.

Sula Templeton
Sula Templeton Sat, 11/10/2012 - 23:34

This is awesome! Love the world map! Will have to lift this page some day!

Jaclyn Clayton
Jaclyn Clayton Fri, 11/09/2012 - 01:05

Love the world/continent elements here.... and you incorporated it all within the white space in a great way!! :)

Holly Thu, 11/08/2012 - 10:38

This is really cute! I love the way you've clustered the elements :)

Julie Byrum
Julie Byrum Fri, 11/02/2012 - 17:20

I think the pink polka dot map is perfect for this layout! Your photo is just the right thing to put with it. I look forward to seeing more of your travel photos. Unfortunately, I haven't traveled out of the U.S. and not not very extensively within it.

Julia Wright
Julia Wright Sun, 10/28/2012 - 09:45

So different and so great!

Tiffany Sylvester
Tiffany Sylvester Sat, 10/27/2012 - 20:48

I love the composition of the background

Lisa Lavery
Lisa Lavery Sat, 10/27/2012 - 09:49

Great arrangement! I was really drawn to the polka dot map and the butterfly. Good eye movement through-out the page.

Tina Anderson
Tina Anderson Sat, 10/27/2012 - 08:45

love the overhead shot with this layout - perfect.

Leticia Viera
Leticia Viera Sat, 10/27/2012 - 06:40

I love pink too!!! awesome layout :-)

Jessica Fors
Jessica Fors Sat, 10/27/2012 - 05:53

Love love love this one :) This shows a bit about who you are :) And since i love pink, how can i not just love your titel ^^