Cute Fruits Elements Kit

Cute Fruits Elements Kit

In This Kit

  1. Cute Fruits Washi Watermelon
  2. Cute Fruits Washi Pineapple
  3. Cute Fruits Washi Pear
  4. Cute Fruits Washi Peach
  5. Cute Fruits Washi Orange

Example Layouts

  1. Some fun at the pool in the Hotel we stayed at.
  2. 2006 (not 2008) Family Trip to Wisconsin Dells, WI 4
  3. 2008 WI Dells, WI Family Trip. Fun in the Arcade.
  4. Day at Wisconsin Dells, Wi is done. Off to Chucky Cheese's tomorrow!!
  5. Our Trip is done.

Recent Comments

Barbara Ann
Barbara Ann Sun, 09/24/2017 - 07:19

Oh my heart, these are so adorable! :-)

Amy West
Amy West Sat, 12/31/2016 - 11:51

Super. Thank you.

cheryl stocks
cheryl stocks Tue, 09/13/2016 - 17:12

Adorable, Marisa. Thanks for all you create!