poki Sawyer's Gallery

  1. Be Still and know...
  2. Slime time (ts)
  3. Sweet girl2 (wd)
  4. Love these boys!
  5. Sweet Dreams Sweet Boy (wd)
  6. TOO MUCH FUN (wd)
  7. "Just living is not enough... (MLerin)
  8. Simply Beautiful (MVrijhof)
  9. In search of DINNER...
  10. Shine on... (DFDD)
  11. Treasure every moment!
  12. Let me call you SWEETHEART
  13. Sunset at Lake Belton (JDunn)
  14. Snowy path in the woods! (TS)
  15. Must be LOVE (TS)
  16. Julie at age 22!
  17. Life is Sweet! (TS)
  18. Oh the places you will go... again!
  19. AUTUMN... the year's last loveliest smile!
  20. Early signs of Spring (MeloV)
  21. We are friends for life!
  22. To everything there is a season (jdunn)
  23. The last roses of summer- Dallas Arboretum 11-9-2013
  24. "BEE" CAREFUL (TS)
  25. as soon as I saw you... (MLerin)
  27. Glorious Autumn- Dallas Arboretum (TS)
  28. Sailing- Schooner Western Union, Key West, Florida
  29. Say cheese (Thrifty Scraps
  30. #happy (Thrifty Scraps)
  31. Life is good! (TS)
  32. What the caterpillar calls the "end of the world"... (MVrijhof)
  33. Linwood Gardens (mlerin)
  34. When you believe beyond what you can see... (jdunn)
  35. Family Time in the garden!
  37. To be a star you must: (JDunn)
  38. A nap with a friend! (WD)
  39. more than yesterday, less than tomorrow... (WD)
  40. I'm a BIG BOY now! (TS)